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Ad: Don’t be left behind

This advertisement for SeizerStyle Designs’ business website offerings reminds entrepreneurs to embrace the opportunities and benefits of the internet.


Choosing a Domain Name

One of the most important tasks in creating a website is choosing a domain name. This is the website’s identity – how people will remember and access it. The problem is, since anybody can register a domain name, it is possible that your first choice may have already been taken. Depending on how creative/flexible you are willing to get, finding a suitable name could be a pain. This problem could be alleviated somewhat by changing...


Tech Tip: Find out if a website is really down

Looking for a website and keep getting an error page? Is the website down or is there a problem with your internet connection? If you operate a website you will definitely hope that it is a simple isolated problem with your computer or your internet connection and that others can still access your website. Down For Everyone Or Just Me is a service that tells you if a website is currently online or offline.

New .DM Domains For Clients 0

New .DM Domains For Clients

Disclosure: SeizerStyle Designs may occasionally do business with the DotDM Corporation and/or related entities. Two of our clients,  the Dominica Amateur Athletic Association and the Dominica Olympic Committee, are now both sporting new shorter .dm domain names  – daaa.dm and doc.dm respectively. These domains have replaced the lengthier dominicaamateurathleticassociation.org and dominicaolympiccommittee.org. The main reason for the change was to make the domains shorter and  easier to type as well as to reduce misspellings. Since both...