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Client websites updated to WordPress 4.0

All of our client websites that utilize WordPress have been updated to version 4.0 of the content management system. This latest version of WordPress, codenamed “Benny”, boasts of a more convenient writing experience, better media gallery management and improved plugin management.


Website Updates (May – June 2012)

Throughout the months of May and June we have revamped our website at www.seizerstyle.dm. We have also utilized an advertising campaign on Facebook to increase awareness of our brand by directing visitors to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/seizerstyledesigns. We would like to welcome all our new fans and thank all existing fans for your continued support. We continue to learn and improve and these changes are reflected in these website updates:


Restructuring Pt. 2: SeizerStyle Music

Early this year mentioned some restructuring that we would be performing. We have already organised SeizerStyle Projects and the last thing we need to address is SeizerStyle Music. This music portal has gathered a good bit of positive feedback and we would like to keep it going. However, to facilitate it's expansion we believe that it is best to move it to it's own domain. This will be done in the first quarter of 2006,...