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Find your niche 0

Find your niche & embrace it

Running a successful business is hard work. Creating the product or delivering the service you want to sell is one challenge, but actually getting a steady stream of customers is quite another. This is a challenge that should be addressed in the early stages of business development through research and in your business plan. However, in reality things don’t always go as planned. Faced with competition and limited resources small businesses need to find a...

Music And Ting: A Niche Market 0

Music And Ting: A Niche Market

In the ever competitive world it is hard to break through with an idea of something that hasn’t either been done or attempted before. This can be discouraging especially when you have to compete against established successful businesses. Niche markets however can help you develop a strong and passionate user base that can virally spread awareness of your product or service. Music And Ting is an example of a site created by SeizerStyle Designs to...