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SSD 10 Year Cover Image Collage 0

10 Year Anniversary Facebook Cover Images

SeizerStyle Designs began operating in June 2004, about a month before Facebook was founded. Since then the popularity of Facebook as a social networking website has skyrocketed and it is an important part of the social marketing strategies of many companies.


The branded Facebook Cover Image

This Facebook cover image highlights various designs from our portfolio over a scenic view of a northern mountain ridge in the beautiful island of Dominica.

The Rise Of Social Networking 0

The Rise Of Social Networking

Over the last couple of years social networking has risen dramatically in mainstream popularity. Sites that allow people of similar interests to connect and communicate with each other are nothing new, however, new technology and improvements in internet availability have vastly magnified the impact of social networks. With the emergence of video, music and picture sharing sites, in conjunction with their comment and contact/friends list features, interactivity is more or less expected in websites. This...