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Isle Cloud 2014 Black Friday Special Ad

By Nathan Vidal,

Isle Cloud 2014 Black Friday Special

Design of the week (November 23 –  29, 2014)

ISle Cloud Black Friday 2014 Sale


To celebrate Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Isle Cloud is offering 20% off all sign ups for website hosting from Thursday November 27 to Monday December 1 inclusive. Isle Cloud is a subsidiary of SeizerStyle Designs with its own individual identity and branding. As such, this advertisement  alludes to exactly what the company does with a server rack in the background of the design. The special offer is highlighted at the top of the ad with details following. The Isle Cloud logo is flanked by a call to action and a decorative description of the reason for the special offer.

Design type: Static Ad

Client: Isle Cloud

Designer: Nathan Vidal

SeizerStyle Designs 2014 Independence Sale

By Nathan Vidal,

2014 Independence Sale

Design of the week (October 26 – November 1, 2014)  SeizerStyle Designs 2014 Independence Sale Ad

2014 Independence Sale Ad

In commemoration of Dominica’s 36th Independence celebration SeizerStyle Designs is offering a 36% discount on all website and graphic designs throughout the month of November. To bring this message out our 2014 Independence Sale Ad has a madras backdrop with our special offers logo at the centre of the design. The different details about the sale are then dispersed in the 4 quadrants of the design. To find out more about this sale feel free to contact us.


SeizerStyle Designs 10 Year Anniversary Discount

By Nathan Vidal,

SeizerStyle 10 featured

Design of the week (June 1 – 7, 2014)

SeizerStyle Designs 10 Ad

In commemoration of SeizerStyle Designs’ 10 Year Anniversary on June 11, 2014 we are offering a 10% discount off all purchases made throughout the month of June. Feel free to share this ad so you or your friends can take advantage of this limited time special offer. This offer is valid for all new website or graphic design purchases made during June. This ad is simple and to the point. The choice of colors were intentionally limited to highlight the message by adding contrast and vibrancy.

Ad: Don’t be left behind

By Nathan Vidal,

Design of the week (September 29 – October 5, 2013)

Ad: Don't be left behind

This advertisement for SeizerStyle Designs’ business website offerings reminds entrepreneurs to embrace the opportunities and benefits of the internet. As more and more people are connected via computers or mobile devices it can be detrimental to a business to ignore this channel. All businesses do not need to use the internet in the same way but it is important to be able to use this resource to reach your customers where they are instead of waiting for them to come to you. If the business of someone you know does not have an online presence remind them not to get left behind.

Freelance Secretarial Services 7th Anniversary banner

By Nathan Vidal,

Design of the week (September 1 – 7, 2013)

Freelance Secretarial Services 7 year anniversary

Freelance Secretarial Services is a client of SeizerStyle Designs that has been offering roving secretarial services to businesses and individuals around Dominica for the past 7 years. To celebrate the company’s anniversary this banner was created and displayed prominently on the company’s website on September 1, 2013. Happy Anniversary Freelance Secretarial Services and continue the great work.

Design of the week (May 5 – 11, 2013)

By Nathan Vidal,

Featured Design: Mother’s Day Special Ad

SeizerSTyle Designs Mother's Day 2013 Ad

Design type: Digital advetisement

Client: SeizerStyle Designs

Designer: Nathan Vidal

This ad was created specifically for sharing on social networks since images stand out more than text on this medium. The message is incorporated in an eye catching design which immediately suggests what is being promoted.