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You may notice a button below news posts on this blog and other SeizerStyle Designs websites recently. The Add This button makes it easier to bookmark and share the information in news articles and posts using some of the most popular social services. Hopefully this should make it easier to link to our information that interests you and easier still to share it with your friends.

We have also been experimenting with embedding documents directly into pages using Scribd. This would be ideal for sites like the Dominica Amateur Athletic Association which rely heavily on PDF files to distribute results and entry standards for various events. However, in our experiments not all the files were able to be converted successfully into Scribd’s iPaper format.

Since the ability to share information is an integral part of the internet experience we will continue to explore and integrate creative ways of making this easier to do. With the explosive growth of social networking it is important to be able to reach your target audience where they spend their time and with as few extra steps as possible.


Update: Scribd has changed its business model to a book membership service

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