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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter – October 2012

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

October 2012 Newsletter

Throughout the month of October we have made decisions aimed at improving our service offerings. We have come up with a brand new set of website design categories. We have also implemented a new formal contract arrangement that all clients will be migrated to by the end of 2012.

Website Design Plans

SeizerStyle Designs Website Design PlansWe have revamped our website design plans to better reflect the diverse needs of our clients. Our website design plans are separated into four categories:

  • Personal – for individuals
  • Non-Profit – for non-profit organizations such as clubs or charities.
  • Small & Medium Businesses – for any for profit business that is not a major corporation.
  • Corporate – For large businesses such as corporations with multiple branches

Within relevant categories are further subdivisions to better reflect a price that matches your needs. Stay tuned for further developments in our pricing plans in the months to come.

New Client Contracts

SeizerStyle Designs ContractWe are currently working on new contracts for all of our website design clients. These new contracts are aimed at protecting all parties and ensuring that all terms and conditions of a specific job are fully documented.  All deliverables, terms of payment and content ownership  issues will be clearly articulated in these new and improved contracts.

Our goal in implementing this improved policy is to help keep our clients informed of our responsibilities to them as well as their responsibilities to the success of their projects. New in these contracts are specific termination clauses that indicate the procedure necessary for either party who wishes to terminate  the contract and the remuneration/refund required.

This initiative is a part of our work to more transparency and better information dissemination to our valued clients. It will help clients who have personnel changes and ensure that the funds required for a project are clearly stated before the start of the project. Clients can expect to be migrated to new contracts before the end of the year.


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