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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: November 2014

SeizerStyle Designs November 2014 Newsletter

As we gear up for the holiday season and reflect on the fast concluding year, SeizerStyle Designs would like to show appreciation to all our customers, fans and followers. We believe in dreams and that we all have the potential to achieve our dreams no matter how difficult they may seem. One of our dreams is to see Dominica have a thriving internet community for both business and social use. Part of that dream involves getting Dominican businesses and organizations online and making them more accessible.

OnlineYour online presence matters

People are online more now than ever before. The internet is where we search for information, shop, and stay in touch with others. As a business or organization your online presence can positively complement your physical location. It has the potential to reach a global audience that you otherwise would not reach. You can generate interest in your services and products and interact with others in many different ways.

You need to be in control of your brand’s online reputation as much as possible. This can be done by being your brand’s own official advocate. If you don’t someone else could be writing your brand’s story for you and it may not be the story you want. Websites, social media profiles and online communication are a few ways that you can make your online presence felt.

Holiday season marketing

Bargain Special OfferThis time of year is one of the busiest for commercial activity. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas all within a short span of time consumers are looking for deals. Businesses are also looking to grab the attention of customers. This highly competitive period means that your marketing strategy has to be executed well in order to grab the attention of busy and overwhelmed consumers. What makes you stand out from the competition? What deals are you offering? Our marketing services can help you to decide the right platforms and promotional messages to reach your target audience.

Free calendars for SeizerStyle Designs clients

Calendars 2015

This year we are going to be giving out free printed calendars to our clients as a symbol of appreciation and to showcase how design can be practically used. Each year we design a set of digital calendars which are free to download and use but this is the first year that we will actually be distributing printed versions of our calendars. These simple one page calendars are easy to stick up on a wall or on a desk and contain the contact information for SeizerStyle Designs making us that much easier to find.



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