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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter – November 2012

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

November Newsletter

Customer CentricOur ears and eyes have been opened throughout the month of November to the needs and desires of our clients. We realize there is demand for affordable quality services that just do the required job with minimum hassle. We have also noticed an increase in  demand for customized services to fit a variety of different customer needs. In addition, we recognize that customers want quick service and responses and we are working to deliver all of the above.

Is A Content Management System  (CMS) right for you?

Content management systems are great for customers who need to update content on their website frequently but are otherwise satisfied with the look and feel of the website. You do not need to learn code to use it since the front end is user friendly and all the complicated aspects are in the back end that you would not have to worry about. At SeizerStyle Designs we handle all the complicated back end work so you don’t have to. Feel free to contact us to discuss your desires and see if a CMS is the best solution for your needs.

We do a lot more than you think

Our services are so wide and varied that they are not all advertised in a single location. We do various types of graphic designs for print web, clothing etc. We also partner with other companies to provide services which we do not offer in house. For example, we may not print books but we do design book covers, page layout and design and graphics to be inserted as content in the book.

Our experience in website and graphic design makes us an ideal choice for consultation when embarking on a project. Even if you do not choose to use us for the design process our consultations can give you an idea of what to expect and what you need to know. What is the difference between vector and bitmap graphics? What is the ideal resolution for a graphic to be used in print? How does web hosting work? While you can research all this information on the web we can provide personalized solutions from professionals currently in the field.

Customer Centric Solutions

Our valued customers are the center of our focus and we are always seeking ways of improving our services. We provide customized solutions that cater for the unique needs of different customers. We provide a support area to deal specifically with customer needs. We are also experimenting in new ways of ensuring quicker response times to maximize customer satisfaction.

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