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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: 2014 June

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

June has marked a great milestone for SeizerStyle Designs and with milestones come reflection and a renewed desire to look forward. In this newsletter we reflect on 10 years of operations and look towards a future of faster paced innovations and better client relations.

SeizerStyle Designs Turns 10

SeizerStyle Designs 10 Year Anniversary AnniversaryThroughout our 10 years of operation we have gained tremendous experience and have had to learn tough lessons. Fortunately these lessons have resulted in better services being launched and planned for the future. Some of the fruits of these lessons are:

  • Isle Cloud Web Hosting – a website hosting solution catering to clients of SeizerStyle Designs.
  • mySeizerStyle – a portal for clients to view important information about the jobs that have been done or are in progress.
  • Client Handbooks for all website design clients highlighting the features and functionality of their websites.
  • A presence on multiple popular social media sites to complement our website, blog and other official online outlets.
  • Responsive websites for all clients to increase mobile and tablet compatibility.

 You are a priority

Email ClientsOur current and potential clients are our main focus and we are always looking for ways to improve our services and our offerings. We do our own market research but would also love to hear from you. What services do you want? How can we improve the quality of our offerings? Feel free to contact us and let us know.

Our Client Handbooks, content management systems and social network integration in websites have all been implemented based on client feedback. We listen.

Tech Tips

We all have difficult times with the technology we use at times. It helps to have a resource that you can refer to for useful tips. Our blog contains many technology tips which may help you solve common technology related problems.

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