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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: 2014 February

Invest In Your Brand

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

February 2014

Lots of work behind the scenes

February has  not been the most glamorous and flashy month for us but it has been a month of a lot of  development for SeizerStyle Designs. We have embarked on a few new projects and have been strategizing on how best to serve our clients and website visitors. Going forward we’re going to push our Always Improving slogan more on social media to tag our work – so look out for that. We are also going to embark on new marketing and branding campaigns.

Invest in You

Invest In Your Brand
Our Invest In You campaign begins with a rally to invest in not only yourself, but your brand and your business.

SeizerStyle Designs would like to encourage everyone to invest in their brand, businesses and themselves. To do this we are launching an Invest In You campaign.

In a competitive and hectic world it takes passion and diligence to succeed and we have noticed that our most successful clients are those who play an active role in the branding, marketing and communication of their business. As always we are here to help with our various marketing services.

We also acknowledge that a single minded approach to business can be detrimental to one’s personal health and social relationships. As such, we also encourage everyone to invest in personal goals and achievements to maintain balance in their lives.

Getting Personal

My SeizerStyle DesignsOur clients can soon look forward to our My SeizeStyle Designs Portal which will be a one stop shop for all your account information and support needs. Invoices, receipts, support tickets as well as other useful information will be available at Expect a more active and engaging SeizerStyle Designs from the month of March and beyond as we improve our process and scheduling of posts and other content.

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