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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: 2014 August

Newsletter August 2014

A website can be one of a brand’s most powerful tools if utilized correctly. It is available to the public 24/7 and can be updated as many times as necessary. For it to be useful however, your target audience needs to know that your website exists. Building awareness of your business/brand’s website requires proper search engine optimization as when as an effective marketing plan. SeizerStyle Designs is committed to helping our clients get the most of their websites and our graphic design and marketing services are designed to do just that.

Website Optimization

Web OptimizationSearch engine optimization (SEO) is one way of helping visitors find your website. By making your website search engine friendly users are more likely to find it when using search engines such as Google. In addition to this the speed and performance of your website also play a role in the user experience once a visitor has found your website. Visitors are reluctant to wait for websites that take a long time to load or which are slow and unresponsive. SeizerStyle Designs continues to monitor our client websites and use industry best practices to ensure that they are optimized to improve user experience. We have employed techniques such as caching, minifying files and removing redundant code to improve client website performance.

Custom web applications

Web AppsWebsites are not limited to being a public place for displaying information. Websites can also be used to provide very specific functionality within a business or for the general public. Custom web applications are basically programs that utilize the internet to perform useful actions. This could be simply sharing a document or  an entire room reservation system. The beauty of  custom web apps is that they are tailor crafted to a client’s specification and the client t SeizerStyle Designs we design applications to boost productivity and increase the speed and convenience of performing daily business activities.

Marketing your business online

Marketing Visit My WebsiteHaving an online  identity  is an essential first step to promoting your business but you also need to promote your website. One way of doing this is to include your website address on all your business correspondence. Your business cards, letters, email signature and even receipts can all include your website address prompting those interested to visit it. You can also promote your website more directly on social media by inviting friends and family to visit your website and share the link to it. SeizerStyle Designs uses all of these methods to promote our website along with many other marketing strategies. Ensure that you have a solid marketing plan for promoting your website to get the most out of it. For more information about our marketing services feel free to contact us.

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