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SeizerStyle Designs March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

Designing websites and graphics usually produces beautiful and useful end products that help solve a problem. These solutions may often be obvious in the design but are sometimes more subtle and difficult to identify. Running a successful website or designing effective graphics both require an understanding of the people who these solutions are intended for.

Research and Analytics

To serve your target audience well you have to first know who they are then identify what they want. This requires market research  and the result of this research can be both what is expected or something unpredicted. In any case acquiring this knowledge helps you to target a particular group specifically in your marketing endeavors.

Website analytics work hand in hand with market research to determine how well your business or organization is performing online. We have been experimenting with different ways of presenting the results of collecting statistics about website visitors to our clients. From April we will be offering detailed reports to our website design customers which will help them better understand their website’s performance.

March 2015 on SeierStyle Designs Blog

Invest In You Special Offer (March 2015)

Invest In You Special Offer (March 2015)

In March some of our clients benefited from as much as 25% off on website design and graphic design jobs. This initiative was meant to encourage  businesses and organizations skeptical about purchasing these services to experience what it is about for a fraction of the cost.

Technology Tips

Tech Tip: Make video calls through Firefox – Use Firefox Hello to start video conversations right from your browser

Tech Tip: Try Google Inbox – A new less obtrusive user interface for Gmail.

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