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SeizerStyle Designs December 2014 Newsletter

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter - December 2014

It is another year end and a time of reflection as well as celebration of the year’s successes. There have been many challenges as well as many reasons to be thankful. We continue to work with our clients and improve on our services while our clients continue to grow their brands. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients a happy and prosperous new year and all the best for 2015.

New Newsletter Format

The format of our newsletter is changing to highlight the articles we have covered throughout the month. This collection of articles from our blog and other properties will be a valuable resource to see what we are up to and keep you in the loop. We may still include some exclusive offers and original content in our monthly newsletter so stay tuned and enjoy the new format.

This month on SeizerStyle Designs Blog

Tweaking your brand image

Tweaking Your Brand Image
A brand should be strong but flexible to changes in the market as well as internal changes. Sometimes it becomes necessary to tweak your brand image in order to remain relevant or better position your business or organization. Find out some simple ways that you can tweak your brand image without completely changing your branding strategy.
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Web design is more than just creating beautiful websites

Beyond beauty of web design
Everyone wants their website to be attractive and many clients would like to add bells and whistles to do so. Designing your website is not all about making it look good though. There is a process to web design which is started before any element of the website is even conceived. Find out more about the process of designing your website without going into the technicalities of website development.
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Give yourself the exclusive

Make your website #1

A problem that plagues some organizations and businesses is that they allow media houses to break news before their official channels have published any information about this news. It is important that your website is the first to publish any important news about your organization or business to maintain its credibility and relevance. In the event that a news item is important or controversial people may want to verify its authenticity and your website is the ideal source for this information even though it is also distributed  by other outlets.
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