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Restructuring Pt. 2: SeizerStyle Music

Website updates logoEarly this year mentioned some restructuring that we would be performing. We have already organised SeizerStyle Projects and the last thing we need to address is SeizerStyle Music.

This music portal has gathered a good bit of positive feedback and we would like to keep it going. However, to facilitate it's expansion we believe that it is best to move it to it's own domain. This will be done in the first quarter of 2006, most likely before the end of January.
To avoid confusion and prepare for the move we have stopped accepting new membership to the site and have taken off all SeizerStyle references and branding. We have high expectations for the new site and more information will be provided as soon as everything is finalized.
Update: January 21, 2006 (8:00 PM)
It has since been decided to continue with as the music portal it is at least until June 2006. This decision was made because there was a hold up in the original plans and it would be better for everybody to keep the site fully functional than in a crippled state.

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