We Care About Your Privacy

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

News logoWe would like to draw our visitor’s attention to our Privacy Policy. We value your feedback and more importantly we value your privacy. Please review this policy so that you know what information is collected by this site. And be reassured that we protect your privacy.

If you have any questions, comments or objections feel free to email webmaster@seizerstyle.dm.

2004 In Review 2005 In Our Scope

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

2004 saw the birth of websites for SeizerStyle Designs and Dominica Amateur Athletic Association. The best part is that we were just getting started. There are also other promising projects which we have been considering in 2004 which will hopefully materialise in 2005.

Our focus in 2004 was to provide cheap simple websites for our clients. We have learnt a lot through our efforts and we still have a lot to learn, therefore, in 2005 we plan to turn things up a notch.

In the spirit of “Always Improving” we will improve on what we have started in 2004. In addition to improving our website design we will also focus more on our projects. There will be a push to get more projects and better maintain current ones. There will also be an effort to increase awareness of this website. Big things are guaranteed to happen this year.

We would like to thank all our clients and the visitors of www.seizerstyle.com for their support. We wish you the best in 2005.

Happy 26th Anniversary of Independence Dominica

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

It’s a little late but today is Independence Day in Dominica. We at SeizerStyle Designs wish everybody a good independence, and by the way, we also updated the site design.

Website Updates (September 2004)

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

Website updates logoThis website has been redesigned to improve usability, effeciency and aesthetics. The site is now using a CSS-P design. Basically this is a design that relies less on tables and more on cascading stylesheets. If you experience any problems with this new design please contact webmaster@seizerstyle.dm.

Website Updates (June 2004)

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

Website updates logoContact form added to the homepage and contact page. The SeizerStyle Designs logo has also been updated.

Due to user feedback and suggestions, this site is once again undergoing a visual update. The point of this update is to make the site less ‘boring’ while keeping a professional look and also ensuring that the site loads quickly. All of our pages have also been updated with our most recent work. We look forward to your feedback.

Official Launching

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

SeizerStyle Designs news logoWelcome to SeizerStyle –  a freelance website, graphics and computer design company. Our website www.seizerstyle.com is now up and running!

Update: September 16, 2006 (11:00 PM)
On September 10, 2006 SeizerStyle website was moved to www.seizerstyle.dm. The full registered business name of the company is SeizerStyle Designs and this has been reflected in our webpages and documentation. The domain seizerstyle.com still works  but the Dominica specific seizerstyle.dm domain name helps to identify SeizerStyle Designs as a local business.