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Designing mobile-friendly websites for usability & SEO

One of the keys to modern web design is allowing websites to be viewed on multiple devices at different screen sizes with content and layout adjusting naturally to the size of the screen it is displayed on. This seamless adaptation can be achieved by responsive web design. The layout of the website can be manipulated depending on the size of the viewport on which it is displayed. This makes the website easier to use but also has many benefits for search engine optimization (SEO).

Convert Audio Files Online 0

Tech Tip: Convert audio files to different formats using is a useful tool for converting audio files to different formats. There are numerous different formats in which digital audio files are stored. These different formats have their individual advantages and disadvantages, but they also create a compatibility issue.

4 Strategies for Selling Service 0

4 Strategies for Selling Services

One of the challenges of running a business that sells services is that you do not have the physical products that can be examined and compared with those of competitors. This affects both your marketing efforts and the experience a potential customer has in making a purchasing decision.

Match email addresses to business functions 0

Improve communication and workflow with effective email addresses

If you already have a website or are thinking of creating one remember that an additional benefit of your website is that it allows you to departmentalize your email addresses. This can help reduce the stress of email overload and allow you to prioritize certain email addresses more than others.

March 2015 Newsletter 0

SeizerStyle Designs March 2015 Newsletter

Designing websites and graphics usually produces beautiful and useful end products that help solve a problem. These solutions may often be obvious in the design but are sometimes more subtle and difficult to identify.

Google Inbox 1

Tech Tip: Try Google Inbox

If you use Gmail but are not quite satisfied with the user interface Google Inbox may be the right alternative for you.

Newsletter February 2015 0

SeizerStyle Designs February 2015 Newsletter

As you strive to end the first quarter of the year on a positive note let SeizerStyle Designs help. Whether you have had a breakthrough year or a terrible beginning to 2015 make March the month that you get things done.

Good content attracts return visitors 1

Use content to attract repeat visitors to your website

Content is one of the most important aspects of a website but too often it can be overlooked with attention instead being diverted to design and layout decisions. Some balance has to be reached in order for your website to be effective and make an impact on your target audience.