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Music And Ting: A Niche Market

In the ever competitive world it is hard to break through with an idea of something that hasn’t either been done or attempted before. This can be discouraging especially when you have to compete against established successful businesses. Niche markets however can help you develop a strong and passionate user base that can virally spread awareness of your product or service.

Music And Ting is an example of a site created by SeizerStyle Designs to take advantage of a niche market. It was created to showcase artists, producers and songwriters who did not have a place to show their work and receive feedback from an audience of listeners. Today with the proliferation of such sites the relevance of Music And Ting may be justifiably questioned. Plans to continue development of the site independently of SeizerStyle Designs failed to materialize and it has now drastically stagnated. Despite this I am reluctant to write it off just yet.

I believe the cultural appeal of the Music And Ting brand can still resonate within the Caribbean and beyond. For this to happen it will need an infusion of development and attention that SeizerStyle Designs alone may not have the time and or resources to provide. It is not too late to revive the brand and to solidify the catalogue of original songs, beats and lyrics submitted by members and to give them the exposure they deserve.

Last Updated on April 6, 2008 by Nathan Vidal

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