Jump-start your content marketing

Jump Start Your Contet Marketing

Content marketing can be intimidating. If writing content is not part of your core business, you may be reluctant to get started. How can content marketing benefit you? What content can you produce? The answers depend on your brand and your business. You may already have many of the tools you need at your disposal. Let’s explore how you can incorporate them into your content marketing strategy.

Strategies to jump-start your content marketing

First, know that you do not have to start from scratch. Every brand has a story. Every business has routines. The trick is to use these to tailor and deliver your message appropriately. Share your knowledge and experience with confidence. Share it where your audience spends time. Utilize social media and other appropriate channels of distribution.

Differentiate your unique brand and business

Your unique brand

You may not be the only business producing a specific product or offering a particular service. That’s fine. Your business should, however, have a unique value proposition – something that makes you stand out from the crowd. This differentiating factor is a content marketing gem. Tell people about it.

  • Do you offer stellar customer service in an industry where poor customer service is a common pain point?
  • Do you provide a product or service of a higher quality than what is currently available?
  • Are you the only product or service provider in a specific geographic location?
  • Do you have unique ties to the community in which you operate?

Chances are that you already know what sets your business apart from others. The goal of content marketing is to make your customers and potential customers know as well. When someone has a problem that your business can solve you want them to think about you for the possible solution. Give them a compelling reason to consider you instead of the competition.

Realize you are a subject matter expert

Subject Matter Expert

The longer you do business the more experience and expertise you develop. You may also get formal education and training along the way. Share your unique experience. Teach others entering your industry. This helps you to express yourself and build your authority. There are many ways to share your expertise.

  • Write informative blog posts while sharing your knowledge.
  • Create tutorial videos to while highlighting your techniques.
  • Record podcasts while discussing your industry and business.
  • Host webinars or workshops while teaching others about your business.

All of these are great avenues for distributing your content. Choose the ones that suit you best – or try something different. Be confident. It also takes discipline to remain consistent. Teaching others will undoubtedly help you to hone your craft. Finally, feedback helps you to grow and improve your skills.

Remember your social assets


Most brands and businesses today have a social presence. This could be a website or social media identity. These are invaluable tools for extending your reach. You may be surprised to know that none of these are your most valuable social asset though. Your most valuable social asset is people. Your fans, your customers and your brand advocates. These are the people who have given you feedback and suggestions. The people who engage with your business. Great content and ideas can come from simple conversations.

  • Create content that answers frequently asked questions.
  • Add your perspective on a topic affecting your industry and customers.
  • Provide clarity about policies and business practices.
  • Show empathy and social responsibility.

If you address your audience properly, they are more likely to read or listen to what you have to say. Relevance is key. Do not be limited to creating content about your core business. Tackle social issues that affect your business and customers. Be genuine and remember to give yourself the exclusive.

In conclusion, remember that effective content marketing is different for everyone and every business. Every brand has a different voice and every brand has a specific message. Some people are also more comfortable creating content than others. Do not let your inhibitions deter you from expressing your business values. Your brand message needs to be heard.

Last Updated on September 17, 2020 by Nathan Vidal

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