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Exclusive IconIn this digital age there are so many outlets to spread your marketing message that it can be overwhelming. You want your message to reach your target audience so it is likely that it will be distributed via various channels – word of mouth, your website, radio, television and social media. You have to be careful with your integrated marketing communication though, to ensure that you are not undermining your official channels of distribution in an attempt to increase reach of your message.

Make your website the official source of information

If you have a website it should be the official source of information, news and updates about your products or services. This may seem trivial but it is important for both the value and integrity of your website. If more information about your business or organization is available from external sources there is no real incentive to visit your website. This problem is even worst if external websites break news about your business or organization before your website does.

Use other outlets to drive traffic to your website

External sources should drive traffic to your website, not take traffic from it. Use your website as the official place where information is disseminated from. Press releases and news can be posted on your website and then disseminated to other sources. These sources can even link back to the official website to show the authenticity of the information and prove that it is credible. You can also disseminate¬† a summarized version of information to external outlets with a link for full details on your business or organization’s website.

For example, when a new article is posted on your website you can also post it on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This will not post the entire article but will post a link to it so your fans/followers can find further details on your website. This way you can reach your audience on social media sites which you do not control while still having full control over your website.

At the end of the day your website is one of your brand’s most valuable assets. If you utilize it properly you can reap returns on this investment. This will not be possible if your website is stagnant or treated as an afterthought.Maximize the usefulness of your website by giving yourself the exclusive before disseminating your content via other channels.


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