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Facebook Web AppsA website is definitely an ideal tool for disseminating information and creating brand awareness but it can also be much more than that. A website can also be used in a more private manner to satisfy internal business needs. Every now and then a client has a problem which can be solved via a web application that performs specific functions. Sometimes an application is already available that performs this or similar functions with the right configuration. There are many times, however, that no program exists that fully satisfies the client’s requirements. In those instances a custom web application may be the ideal solution.

Do you need a custom web application?

Custom web applications generally cost more up front than out of the box solutions but have the benefit of being specifically crafted to your intended usage of the application. This means you actually have an input in the development of the application. This can increase the efficiency of doing work which offsets the cost of the web application.

For example, a company may require employees to create reports in Word then attach them to a supervisor for review. The supervisor then emails the employee back so changes can be made or the report is approved. The approved report must then be saved on the company’s servers. A web application could allow the submission to be done online eliminating both the need for attachments and emails since the application will automatically email the supervisor once the report is completed. The user interface of the web application can also be customized so that it is simple and easy to use. Instead of having to jump between applications, employees can now use one centralized system which saves time and effort.

As the above example shows, a custom web application can be used to integrate business functions which fit logically together and reduce the time needed to perform simple tasks. Transferring data via a centralized application can also help with ensuring the security and integrity of data since authentication methods can be built into the application. f you require any of this functionality a custom web application is worth considering.

What kind of applications does SeizerStyle Designs create?

SeizerStyle Designs creates a wide range of web applications utilizing the same technologies used to create websites (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySql). We also create Facebook specific applications that allow businesses and individuals to integrate their websites presence with the social media site. We create applications for clients as well as for our own internal use so we have a lot of faith in our development process. Since the scope and requirements of every job is different we consider them on a case by case basis. The best way to find out if we can provide the app to suit your specific needs is to contact us and explain what you are trying to achieve.

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