Choosing a Domain Name

Level Domain ChoicesOne of the most important tasks in creating a website is choosing a domain name. This is the website’s identity – how people will remember and access it. The problem is, since anybody can register a domain name, it is possible that your first choice may have already been taken. Depending on how creative/flexible you are willing to get, finding a suitable name could be a pain.

This problem could be alleviated somewhat by changing the Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .org, etc) instead of the descriptive part of the domain name itself. So if is taken or may be available. You could also try using a country specific TLD. For example, the country specific TLD for Dominica is .dm and for the United States is .us.

You should be aware that some TLDs have specific meanings attached to them. For example, .gov is reserved for government institutions and .edu is reserved for educational institutions while .org is most suitable for non-commercial organizations. The prices for TLDs can also vary greatly.

When choosing a domain name try to choose one that is easy to remember and spell. Long domain names can turn off impatient visitors and can lead to spelling errors. Always have your website visitors in mind when choosing a domain name and choose something meaningful to you.

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