2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Here



The hurricane season is once again upon us (June 1 – November 30). As usual we should pray for the best but be prepared for the worst. It is better to plan and acquire the things you may need early than wait for the rush when a storm is announced.

Some things that come in handy during or after a hurricane are: candles, matches, flashlights, radios, batteries,  bottled water,  canned foods, garbage bags, first aid kits. Remember that their will likely be a power outage during or after a hurricane and cell phones may take a while to work after a major storm (they should not be used during the storm). Ensure that your mobile phones are fully charged before the storm and that vehicles have enough fuel.

Let’s hope we are spared this year and that everybody stays safe and prepared.

Some useful links for the hurricane season are:
National Hurricane Center
The Weather Channel
Dominica Meteorological Service

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