Restructuring Pt. 1

News logoSo far this year we have seen SeizerStyle Designs expand into new avenues with mixed results. With this expansion we have to consider some restructuring and reorganization. Our focus should be on providing the best services for our customers and clients while keeping our commitment to our various other community efforts. Sometimes the two conflict with each other.

As a result of this interesting challengeĀ  we are going to make some changes. We have already highlighted our three main business areas i.e. website designs, graphics design and computer repairs. Now we are going to remove all community endeavours from the SeizerStyle domain and subdomains, gradually. This does not mean that we will not continue to support them, but we will support them in a different capacity.

This shall be doneĀ  in phases, and in this phase we are changing SeizerStyle Projects from a community based project to an internal repository for SeizerStyle projects. The logic behind this basically is that SeizerStyle Projects has no community. It will serve a better purpose if used for the concentrated development of feasible projects.

More information will be made available at later dates.

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